Hi, I’m Suzanne! It’s always been my dream (maybe yours, too?) to write a book. Fiction is my one true love, but I had a serious affair with poetry for a while — my undergraduate thesis was a book of poems, and then I got an MFA in poetry. After grad school, I started writing for a living, working as managing editor of a daily online publication for four years, then as a copywriter for another three, all from home. For another four years, I worked for an arts non-profit, writing primarily fundraising copy.  The stars finally aligned and I left my job to write a novel — one slow page paragraph sentence at a time. I still take on freelance writing projects now and again, which help me feel connected to my community and keep me from drowning in an ocean of existential angst. Other things that keep me sane are my husband, my daughter, really good mysteries, and chronicling my day-to-day ridiculousness online.