What I Read in August

I am late to post this for the most ridiculous reason ever, which is that I don’t have a photo of the stack of books I read in August. 

I recognize that this is ridiculous, so I am posting ANYWAY. 

August was a GREAT month for books! Maybe one of these days I will get around to posting actual reviews of these books. But that would cut into my reading time so… Hmm. Dilemma.

As I look back on all the fantastic reads for August, I feel an enormous debt of gratitude to my local library. Only one of my books this month was my own (and that was a gift from Goodreads and Gallery/Scout Press) — the rest were all library loans. What a wonderful resource the library is. 🥰All the heart eyes, truly.

I read seven books in August. Three were audiobooks, four were hardcover. Two books were sequels. All but one of these books (Reckless Girls) were by authors I have already read and adored. 



📚In the Running for Favorite Books of 2022📚

📖The Last Housewife by Ashley Winstead: This book was SO GOOD. I really enjoyed Winstead’s previous book, In My Dreams I Hold a Knife, but I LOVED The Last Housewife. It was utterly gripping. And there was so much heart behind the dark, sordid story. It was a fantastic read, full of really hard, thought-provoking questions while also being an A+ thriller. Despite the sort of standard thriller-y title (which I think is very misleading and kind of dumb), this book was very, very dark, so check the content warnings before diving in.

🎧Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier: Another dark book, another book written so incredibly well. And this one had some genuine surprises for me, which is rare and therefore something I really appreciate. Loved this book.

📚Fantastic Books📚

📖The It Girl by Ruth Ware: I was so lucky to get a gift copy of The It Girl from Gallery/Scout Press through Goodreads. And this was a really fun book. I picked the villain from the earliest pages, but I wasn’t sure about motive, so it was really interesting to watch it all come together. My biggest complaint about this book is the title, which I think is kind of silly and doesn’t really indicate what the book is about. Oh well.

📖The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell: I enjoyed but didn’t love The Family Upstairs, which the precursor to this one. Plus, it’s been quite a while between the two books so I wasn’t sure how much of the original story I remembered. Turns out I remembered enough, and that I enjoyed this book more than I did its predecessor. 

🎧The Younger Wife by Sally Hepworth: This was another great family drama from Hepworth that really digs into its characters and their motivations.  

📚Good Books📚

📖The Retreat by Sarah Pearse: Another sequel for the month! I enjoyed but didn’t love The Sanitorium and liked this one less. It felt a little overwrought, the villain felt unearned, and one of the promises from the end of the previous book didn’t come to fruition here. But it held my attention. It was fine. I don’t know. Maybe the heading of this section should be “Fine Books” instead of “Good” ones.

🎧Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins: This was also fine. I liked the deserted island setting but it felt like there could have been MORE horror and mystery than there ultimately was. I wasn’t sure the ending was particularly well-earned, and the “plot twist” felt a little too unbelievable. But it was a good book to listen to while I walked or waited in line to pick up my kid from camp. 

Thank you again to Gallery/Scout Press and Goodreads for the gifted copy of The It Girl


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