January Reads

I am a little bit nervous about posting this on the blog, as I fear it locks me into doing it every month. The fact is, I WANT to do it every month… but consistency is not my strong suit. I have been pretty good about posting monthly wrap-ups on Instagram, though… and maybe I just need to get past the desire to have entirely different content on each page. 

I also really like the idea of including ALL the books I read on this blog, even if I don’t get around to writing a review. (I am even worse with reviews than I am with consistency.)

Well! We shall post January’s wrap-up anyway, and hope for the best.

January 2022 Reads

Part of November and all of December found me in a terrible book slump, so when January began the same way, I despaired. 

However, Courtney Turcotte Bond’s beautiful novel Breathtaking jolted me out of my poor reading phase, and I’ve been reading well ever since. 

I completed ten books this month, and they were all good, solid reads. 

  • Two of my favorites of the month are young adult novels — one of which I read out loud to my daughter. 
  • Unsurprisingly, 70% of the books I read were in my favorite genre: mysteries and thrillers. 
  • Half of the books I read are by new-to-me authors, which is so fun! 

It was a great month, and I hope February is just as awesome!

📚Books I Read in January 📚

4:50 from Paddington by Agatha ChristieMystery. Miss Marple’s dear friend sees a man strangle a woman on the train – but the woman’s body never shows up… at least, not until Miss Marple and her friend Lucy Eyelsbarrow start digging.

Breathtaking by Courtney Turcotte BondComing of Age/Women’s Fiction. Cara’s picture perfect life is anything but, and only her ability to write and her best friend Adam keep Cara afloat. But when Cara’s life falls apart, her writing ability deserts her and Adam abandons her. 

Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha ChristieMystery. As war breaks out in the Middle East, Prince Yusef entrusts a collection of precious jewels to a friend. Far away in England, a series of ghastly murders rock a prestigious girls’ school. How are they related, and can Poirot find out before more people die?

The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren WrightMiddle Grade Mystery/Ghost Story. Amy, angry at being constantly in charge of her sister, goes to stay with her aunt. The old house is where Amy’s aunt and father grew up… but it’s harboring dark secrets and ghosts that won’t be silenced until the truth comes out.

Frindle by Andrew ClementsMiddle Grade Fiction. Nick Allen just wants to sidetrack his teachers from teaching when he stumbles on the ultimate distraction: getting everyone to agree that an ink-filled writing implement is called a frindle, not a pen.

A Man with One of Those Faces by Caimh McDonnellThriller. Someone tries – but fails – to kill Paul, who is now on the radar of a deadly killer who won’t stop until Paul’s dead, or finds out why he’s a target.

The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica: Thriller. As a most necessary fresh start, Sadie and her family have just moved to a remote Maine island when their neighbor is murdered – and everyone is a suspect. 

Rock Paper Scissors by Alice FeeneyThriller. Mr. and Mrs. Wright head to the remote Scottish Highlands to try to mend their marriage, but disturbing things start happening in the old chapel they’ve rented for the weekend.

The Second Mrs. Astor by Shana Abe: Historical fiction. An exquisite, wrenching look inside the controversial courtship and 1911 marriage of 18-year-old Madeline Force and wealthy businessman John Jacob Astor IV, and at their tragic honeymoon aboard the Titanic

The Turn of the Key by Ruth WareThriller. The Elincourts need a nanny, as their last four have left in a hurry. The new nanny, stuck with four children she doesn’t know, must find out whether the ghosts who terrorized her predecessors are real before someone winds up dead.

📚Books I Started in January but Haven’t Finished📚

His & Hers by Alice FeeneyThriller. Newsreader Anna Andrews and Detective Jack Harper are both investigating a small-town murder – and suspicion swirls around both of them. 

🎧 One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus: Thriller. Gossip king Simon dies in the middle of detention, surrounded by four classmates who shouldn’t be there – and they all have reason to be glad he never had the chance to spread their secrets.

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